Burning Spear

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Burning Spear:20世纪著名雷鬼艺人.曾凭借《Jah Is Real》获得第51届格莱美最佳雷鬼专辑奖.
Burning Spear是牙买加roots reggae音乐家,像其他著名的牙买加艺人一样,Burning Spear因rastafari运动而被众所周知.
Burning Spear是Marcus Garvey的所有非洲子民独立自主思想的强力支持者,使得一些纪念非洲行动主义分子的专辑得以发行.
Burning Spear提倡诚实,和平和爱,将tasta和黑人的政治及宗教信仰结合在一起.
"我不知道其他人如何看待音乐,"Burning Spear表示."一些人也许用金钱来衡量它,一些人也许用机遇和道路来衡量它.但我把音乐当作生命,我把音乐当作灵感."
Winston Rodney embraces the pastoral much the same way he renounces slavery and oppression. Too bad this album still falls short of the remarkable Marcus Garvey. Producer Jack Ruby can't be blamed; the musical backing provided by the Black Disciples will thrill fans of the roots reggae sound. And the man in question's hypnotic chants are no less hypnotic or inspired. But idyllic recollections of anybody's upbringing are destined to lack a certain prophetic weight. Radicalism and protest are what many listeners have come to expect from Burning Spear. And it's only these selfish expectations that miss the mark.
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